AZ Schoenstatt Mothers Meeting

Hello Dear AZ Schoenstatt Mothers,

Just a friendly reminder of our September 21, 2017, 945am (SHARP) meeting in our home shrine MOTHER OF GOOD COUNSEL”.  Looking forward to seeing you all, healthy treats are welcome.   Feel free to invite your family and friends.

We’ll pray the rosary (so many intentions I’m sure you all have), fellowship, discussion of AZ ROSARY CELEBRATION, October 22, 2017, 2pm (you’ll want to get there early though, lots of religious items’ booths, confession, adoration and pre-program music).  We’ll discuss who carries what, Margret’s husband has graciously agreed to carry the big Auxiliary MTA, but we’ll need others to carry banners we have.  Also, bring your Pilgrim Mothers for procession.

Hopefully we’ll finish up our motto booklet for this year, or by Oct.  Motto is “Fear not, Proclaim the Father’s Love” and we’ll study/discuss from it; those who don’t have a booklet, don’t worry, we can share.  Our special resolution, for this month is Fr. Kentenich’s short prayer from HEAVENWARDS….pray daily “Though storm may rage, and wind may howl and lightning strike again, I think  as does the mariner’s child, my FATHER is at the helm.”  (quite appropriate too, with the hurricanes we’ve had).

Blessings, love and joy,



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