Schoenstatt Visit with Knights at OLMC

Dear Schoenstatt Sisters and Brothers in Arizona and worldwide,

A couple of months ago, on August 3, Schoenstatt Arizona was invited to share about our mission by the Knights of Columbus at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church and School in Tempe, AZ, and I happily agreed to share some Schoenstatt basics.  I also brought my father to help me carry and greet the men, and my two daughters to help me sing and play the song, My Queen, My Mother, with our guitars as accompaniment.

Just as we set out to load the car, a downpour drenched our house and then our clothes and hair as we worked.  Fortunately, none of our materials or our MTA Auxillary Shrine were dampened.

It was just at the height of rush hour on our drive from Chandler to Tempe.  We chose to travel on side streets, but there was still plenty of traffic.  The difficult part of the journey, was the rain and flooding.  The middle of the road, on most roads, was mostly clear, but the right lanes were mostly flooded.  However, drivers were careful for the most part, and courteous even, while we all navigated the treacherous streets.

Once we approached the parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the rain fizzled to a sprinkle, the clouds lightened up, and we were able to drive into the church parking lot with no problems.  This reminded me of the prayer we’ve been saying these last few months:

“Though storm may rage, and wind may howl and lightning strike again, I think  as does the mariner’s child, my FATHER is at the helm.”

— Father Joseph Kentenich

The Knights of Columbus were very gracious and met us in the corridor, helped us set up, and listened intently.  They asked great questions and smiled.  It seemed that they enjoyed learning about Schoenstatt, as most had never heard of the movement.  The girls played and sang beautifully.  I hope we made great friends with them and inspired a few of them to learn more about Schoenstatt.

Peace always,


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