Schoenstatt AZ -Meeting Nov.15 at Kathy’s Home Shrine & Fall Update

US Conference of Secular Institutes

We’re still flying kinda high with Sister Jessica’s visit and a few of us attending the U.S. Conference of Secular Institutes at the Casa, a day of reflection for us moms who attended, we thank Sister for inviting us, what an honor!  For more information, click here

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The Conventual Church of Our Lady of the Angels at the Franciscan Renewal Center tour given by the Casa’s Music Liturgy Director, Norbert Zwickl.

Artist Scott Parsons sent his designs to be created by Derix Glassworks in Germany.  Olaf Hanweg and Roman Olichowski, who worked on the project had been invited to the Church to visit the congregation and view their finished work.



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Greetings Dear AZ Schoenstatt Families…..Above are a few photos from the AZ ROSARY CELEBRATION.

If you weren’t able to attend, here is a link for the YouTube recording, posted by Catholic Media Ministry, October 23, 2018 (Schoenstatt AZ is in the procession at exactly 23 minutes!)  : Arizona Rosary Celebration 2018 – In Honor to Our Lady of Czestochowa


Our Lady of Czestochowa
Image of Our Lady of Czestochowa, shared via CC – Creative Commons at this web address


Bishop Olmsted really gave us a big a-ok sign when we processioned passed him.  HE LOVES SCHOENSTATT!!  It was a very grace-filled day, missed lots of you and hoping next year you’ll participate with us…5000 prayer warriors, praying the rosary together for all our intentions..AND ALL BEFORE THE BLESSED very powerful!!

OCTOBER 18 Covenant Day Meeting

We met October 18, Covenant Day, at Barb and Steven’s home, prayed the Rosary together, mingled and caught up on our personal lives while we snacked.  Then we finished the last chapter , “Joseph Engling – All Things to All!”  We learned so much about him, his war diary, and Fr. Kentenich’s ways of educating him to be all things for all. He definitely was “one in the heart of Fr. Kentenich”, and very child-like!

NOVEMBER 15 Meeting

We’ll meet November 15, 9:45am sharp in Kathy’s home shrine and look forward to seeing some new smiling faces so you all come please.

I just found out the motto for this year:

“Like Father, Dare to Offer Ourselves to the Church

All I can say is “wow” and how profound and appropriate for this day and age.  Perhaps we’ll celebrate Fr. Kentenich’s birthday a little early too, please join us, if you need Kathy’s address let me know.  (Sally 480-945-6190 or cell 262-758-2278).

We all go with you, Melissa!

We have a bit of sad news, our sweet Melissa, one of young moms and her family will be moving to Maryland, December 16.  She’ll be greatly missed but we sure are happy we had a couple years with her and will have to find her SCHOENSTATT families there.  Their son, Domi, 4, our youngest Schoenstatt member was so good when he’d come with Melissa to meetings.  He is such a JOY and melts our hearts.


United Always in Our Mother’s heart and her loving son.




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