Sr.Jessica , Meeting March 2 , Radio Family Rosary

Lenten Greetings Dear AZ Schoenstatt Family,


We all totally enjoyed Sister Jessica’s very short visit Feb. 1!  We were so blessed to gather at Barb’s Home Shrine, “Mother of Confidence”,  to pray together, share with each other. Sister then gave us a very informative talk on the history/spirituality of Schoenstatt, the Covenant of Love and detailed meaning, and the origins and relationships of Schoenstatt Sisters and Fathers.  We ended in Barb’s backyard, with Margret accompanying us singing Schoenstatt songs and sharing our Consecration prayer…My Queen My Mother.  Many graces flowed this day!!

We’ll be blessed with another visit from her the end of September.  We will let you all know the details of her travels and collaborate to plan her visit so all can have time with her, especially Chandler and West side Schoenstatt families.


We will have our next meeting March 2 , 9:45 am, at Melissa’s home, cross streets are Peoria & 7th St.  (Call SALLY for address 480-945-6190 ) We are looking forward to being with you all!  It would be nice to see more WEST SIDE folks join us, especially with this meeting closer to you. 🙂

From Sally:

“I feel our Mother Thrice Admirable is trying to bring us, the EAST side, closer in unity with WEST side.  ‘She is the great missionary, she will work miracles!’  It’ll be nice to greet Our Mother at a new home, Melissa has studied hard, too and made her Covenant of LOVE in our Schoenstatt shrine in Ecuador with her family.  Now, she is educating herself with us in her HOME SHRINE!


  1. Rosary – Schoenstatt’s John Pozzobon
  2. Fellowship and HEALTHY SNACKS WELCOMED.
  3. We’ll listen to a talk from Sr.Marie Day on a CD she sent to us.
  4. We will look at the booklet on our Schoenstatt motto for this year,                                     “One in the Father’s Heart: Omnibus Omnia” , $3 each                                                    (more booklets have been requested).
  5. Closing prayer/song.


For address and details, call Sally 480-945-6190

See you soon, Sally and Margret



Radio Family Rosary mini retreat March 3 , 5pm, St. Paul’s.

  1. We’ll have a Schoenstatt table
  2. $22/dinner
  3. Call Georgia for reservations (through Sally).
  4. Sally will be designated driver if you want to carpool. If you are interested, call Sally 480-945-6190 and plan to be at Sally’s home by 3pm.
  5. Guest speaker at dinner is Fr. Greg Adolf.

RFR Dinner Flyer 3-3-18

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