March & April Meeting : Omnibus Omnia

Blank Check & April Meeting

Lenten Greetings Dear AZ  Family,

“Mother with your loving son, bless us each and everyone!”

Please let Sally know if you’ve received this, and if you’ll be able to attend our next meeting, April 19, 9:45am, at Barb’s home shrine, Mother of Confidence.

MARCH Meeting Summary

We had a very grace filled Schoenstatt March Mtg. at Melissa’s home. She shared a beautiful story of her home shrine beginning, which included her husband and hanging their big golden framed picture of Mother Thrice Admirable.  We prayed the rosary, had fellowship and healthy snacks, and then listened to Sister Marie Day on a CD giving a wonderful and very detailed talk on the Blank Check, which is a deepening of our Covenant of Love.  Sally will share the CD with whomever would like to listen to it.

APRIL Meeting

  • Thursday, April 19, 9:45
  • Barb’s home shrine, Mother of Confidence


  1. 9:45 Rosary
  2. Fellowship and healthy snack potluck
  3. Study motto: One in the Father’s Heart: Omnibus Omnia!
  4. NOTE: Booklets $3, all invited to gathering!

Barb has graciously opened her home shrine, MOTHER OF CONFIDENCE, to us all on Thursday, April 19, for our Schoenstatt mtg. 945 sharp.  As always, we’ll pray the Rosary together then share fellowship and healthy snacks.  Afterwards, we will really buckle down to the booklets Sister Marie Day sent on our motto this year of Father Kentenich’s 50th celebration of death, Sept 15, 2018.  The booklets are $3 and available from Sally to whomever wants to study with us.  We truly love our founder and pray for his canonization, as he is a saint in waiting.

“Mother with your loving son, bless us each and everyone!!”

MAY Meeting

We will plan for the possibility of RevJohn LEbbesmier celebrating MASS in Thelma B.’s home shrine.  FrEbbesmier is a diocesan Schoenstatt Father from Sts Joachim and Anne Parish.  He is a very loving parish priest who made his Covenant of LOVE a few years ago in Jeanne G.’s home shrine and offered to celebrate Mass with us when we asked him!

Have a blessed Lenten Season!



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