Schoenstatt AZ HomeShrine Mass Wed-June27-11am Dcn. Pozzobon & SRC Re-Commissioning

Dear Families of Schoenstatt AZ, 

 I hope you’re all praying for the graces and success of Wed., June 27, 11am  Mass in Thelma’s home shrine “Our Lady of Love, Peace and Joy”.

If you are a  Schoenstatt missionary , please bring your Pilgrim Mother, as we’ll be recommissioned.

  • Our Mass and SRC ceremonies will be led by Fr. Alvin Cayetona, SOLT, Parochial Vicar from St. Joseph’s Mission, Mayer AZ.
  • Margret and her girls having been working diligently on the music for the Mass and the Mass Program.
  • Alma will read the FIRST READING and  RESPONSORIAL  PSALM.
  • Amy will prepare the PRAYERS OF THE FAITHFUL.
  • Alma will bring our beloved Auxiliary Mother Thrice Admirable and our Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign banner.
  • I’ll bring Deacon John Pozzobon vinyl banner and framed picture of Fr. Kentenich.
  • POTLUCK will follow Mass, please bring a dish to pass, or dessert for our fellowship.

All are invited to bring flowers for Our Mother, as you wish!!


It’s going to be a very special Mass for Deacon John  and he always brought flowers for processions or special occasions or just his visits to the Schoenstatt shrine in Santa Maria, Brazil.

It would be very generous if someone can pick up three of our ladies as they all live in Sun City area. Please call Maria or Marguarite -via Sally if you’re able to bring them to this special Mass as they are all “matured” Schoenstatt women who don’t drive much.

“Mother with your loving son, bless us each and everyone!!”


Many Blessings on this feast day of St. John the Baptist.


(4809456190 or cell 2627582278)

One thought on “Schoenstatt AZ HomeShrine Mass Wed-June27-11am Dcn. Pozzobon & SRC Re-Commissioning

  1. Hope u saw changes…Fr will be approx half HR late, coming from Prescott, but you can leave how you have it, u did superb job and I’m grateful..also Amy can’t make, so I’ve asked Thelma to prepare “prayers of the faithful”…she hasn’t responded, if she doesn’t I will be ready

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