Schoenstatt AZ May Meeting Invitation

This picture above is from APril 12, 1894 when Fr. Kentenich’s mom, Katharina took him as her 8 yr old son, and his belongings to the orphanage in Oberhausen Germany.  Before leaving him there, she took him to the chapel there, where she knelt with him before this statue, of Mary, Sts Dominic and Catherine of Sienna.  His mom took the only precious item she owned, her first Communion medal, hung it around Mary’s neck.  She then consecrated her only child to the Blessed Mother and entrusted him to her care, praying, “Educate my child! Be entirely his Mother! Fulfill for me my duties as mother!”

Greetings Dear AZ Schoenstatt Family,

Schoenstatt AZ May Meeting

Just a gentle reminder that we will have our May meeting at Sally’s home shrine, on May 17, 9:45am sharp. 

Our agenda:

  1. pray the Rosary
  2. have some fellowship and snacks
  3. education – One in the Father’s Heart: Omnibus Omnia
We will continue, as our group special resolution, to pray daily, the Father Kentenich Prayer.
Our homework is to prepare to answer the 3 questions, on page 15 and to read, on our own,  pages 16-25, and discuss questions on page 25.
We will meet May 17, 9:45am sharp, at Sally’s home shrine “Mother of Good Counsel”.  Mary Lou and Dee (our mature Schoenstatt moms) may be joining us.  Healthy snacks welcome.  Do not fret if you don’t have the motto booklet from Sr. Marie Day, as we’ll share.


Schoenstatt Mass June 27

Fr. John, the pastor at Sts Joachim & Anne, will celebrate a home Mass in Thelma’s  home shrine, “Our Lady of Love, Peace and Joy,”  June 27, 2018, 11am (address soon).

We’ll celebrate Schoenstatt Deacon John Pozzobon’s feast and celebration of New Life back in 1985. 

Also, Father will recommission us as missionaries of Pilgrim Mothers, and renew our COVENANT OF LOVE together.


More details forthcoming. See you at Sally’s home, May 17, 9:45 am sharp and we’ll begin straightaway with the rosary. Call Sally for addresses or questions.

May Blossoms and Joy,  Sally (480-945-6190)


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