Schoenstatt AZ Meeting August 16 – 9:45 @ Mother of Good Council, Home Shrine

Milwaukee Exile Shrine WI_Sally-Aug2018
Milwaukee Exile Shrine WI_Sally-Aug2018
Greetings Dear AZ Schoenstatt Families,
I (Sally) visited two Schoenstatt shrines in WI, and your intentions were placed in the petition jar you see above in the Milwaukee Exile Shrine. I had the entire shrine all to myself, it was so serene and filled with graces.   
Schoenstatt AZ – August Meeting
Our mtg is Aug. 16, 9:45am sharp in our home shrine, “MOTHER OF GOOD COUNSEL”. 
  • We’ll begin with the rosary, then fellowship with healthy snacks you can bring.  We’ve got a lot to accomplish. 
  • We’ll continue discussing booklet on Father Kentenich YEAR, page 42-60, please read
  • Sister Jessica is visiting us, September 25-27, so we’ll have to plan for her to visit with AZ SCHOENSTATT FAMILIES in far east valley (Chandler), Scottsdale area and West Valley.  Please pray we are inspired with productive ways with Sister. 
Upcoming events
  1. Marian Conference, August 24-26 
  2. America Needs Fatima Rosary OLPH (Scottsdale) 12-1pm October 13
  3. AZ ROSARY CELEBRATION,  honoring Mary under her title OUR LADY OF CZESTOCHOWA …Schoenstatt participation in procession, October 21, 2pm-4pm
I am so looking forward to seeing you all.  We had a grace-filled July meeting in Kathy Smith’s home shrine, “Mother of Our Savior,” and discussed our motto booklet on Father Kentenich.
United Always in Our Mother’s arms,  

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