Schoenstatt-AZ Meeting Barb’s 9:45 Th 2-28-19

Greetings Dear Arizona SCHOENSTATT Families,

We’ll meet at Barb’s home shrine, MOTHER OF CONFIDENCE, Feb. 28, 9:45am .  Healthy snacks are welcome!  We’ll begin with the “Rosary for Priests”, and remember those of you unable to attend and your intentions.  We’ll pray for our Schoenstatt Community too. [Call for directions: Sally  (480-945-6190) ]

We are connecting with Sr. Deanne and Mothers groups in Wis. and IL.  adding to this year’s motto “LIVING MONSTRANCE, LIKE FATHER, DARE TO OFFER OURSELVES FOR THE CHURCH”. 

For the January meeting, we read and discussed the article on “Our Father and his decision of January 20, 1942 (The Second Milestone in History of Schoenstatt Movement)”.  We talked about our founder and his unshakable faith and deep trust. Father Kentenich was strong in his decision to go to the Dachau concentration camp …always thinking of others as he said “many friends are waiting,  and wanted to be with all those Schoenstatters he could help in Dachau”.

We will re-read this article on our own and discuss more deeply our own thoughts at the February 28 meeting at Barb’s home shrine.

SPECIAL RESOLUTION:  we will pray daily the conclusion prayer of ROSARY, Page 100, HEAVENWARDS. 


We’re grateful to Barb G. for bringing Dee H., 88, one of our “mature Schoenstatt moms” to the Annointing of the Sick Mass, February 11, at Our Lady of Perpetual Help. We had a good time catching up afterwards with coffee and sweets.  Dee was so gracious and thankful.

March 6 through April 14 :   FORTY DAYS FOR LIFE Campaign

  •  “Lets get out in the streets, out of our churches” and be true prayer warriors at the Planned Parenthood near you.  Your parishes have representatives, if not let me know, we’ll be going on specified dates. These 40 days are all about prayer and fasting and protecting the unborn.



  • 4:30pm Mass
  • dinner
  • speaker, Fr. James Kubicki, SJ, President of St. Francis Mission in So. Dakota.  He’s very familiar with SCHOENSTATT, celebrated Mass numerous times in Waukesha shrine, and a frequent guest on Relevant Radio. (35 years numerous groups have supported Radio Family Rosary)


October 20, 2019 : ARIZONA 44th ROSARY CELEBRATION 

  • one of  the largest attended events in our country
  • honoring Our Lady under her title OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE
  • Plan to procession with our Schoenstatt families and pray together, very powerful!


 United Always in Our Mother Thrice Admirable and her loving son,


Sally  (480-945-6190)

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