Mothers’ Group Meeting
March 25, 2019

Daring Faith in Divine Providence

“Living Monstrance, like Father, dare to offer ourselves for the Church”

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Mothers’ Group Meeting

March 25, 2019, 9:45am, at Sally’s

Lenten Greetings Dear AZ Schoenstatt Family,

This month’s Schoenstatt Mothers’ Group meeting is at Sally’s house on Monday, March 25, at 9:45 am, on the Feast of the Annunciation!

We’ll begin with a Rosary and dive right in to our outlines from the Sisters and the Mothers’ Branch about our 2019 Schoenstatt Motto, 
“Daring Faith in Divine Providence”. Here’s the hyperlink for the page where the discussion group outlines are posted by the Sisters and the Mothers’ Branch:

All are invited, even if you’ve never come before or have not heard of Schoenstatt! Healthy snacks welcome!

Please message Margret J. Lenhart Lewis or Sally Leroy for more information.

Also, if interested in meeting and studying Schoenstatt in Chandler,Gilbert area, please contact Margret J. Lenhart Lewis.

Last Month Summary

We gathered at Barb’s home shrine, Mother of Confidence, Feb. 28, prayed the  “Rosary For Priests” for our Schoenstatt Fathers.  Food/Fellowship followed.

In keeping faithfully with our motto for 2019, “Living Monstrance, like Father, dare to offer ourselves for the Church”, we read and discussed an article “SYMBOLISM OF THE MONSTRANCE”.  As Schoenstatt Mothers, we see the monstrance as a symbol for Mary, the first one to bring Christ to the world.  Mary was a living monstrance! We now, as little Marys, are also living monstrances who bring Christ in our own hearts and lives as Mary did. We should be Christ bearers, bringing blessings to the world around us.   

We read about the individual symbols of the monstrance of the Schoenstatt Mothers (cross, Father eye, five rings representing five continents, symbol at base represents Covenant of Love).  The history of the monstrance from 1940 through  1971 was so valuable to us moms, and all its symbolism.

We also read from The Pilgrim Mother the article “The Lightning Rod” enlightening us as to the sick, elderly and lonely; and, how interesting it was to know Fr. Kentenich had “a lightning rod” apostolate to the sick and handicapped in Germany as far back as 1966.  So, here we are today also following in Father’s footsteps with helping the sick, elderly and homebound with our Pilgrim Mothers and it’s so rewarding…..truly a win/win plan!

We closed our meeting with choosing a Fr. Kentenich quote card, and our consecration prayer. 

Monthly Resolution

Our special resolution, until we gather again on the Feast of the ANNUNCIATION is pray daily:

“Grant, O Lord, that all minds are united in truth and all hearts in love!  Heart of Jesus I trust in you, Sweet Heart of Mary be my salvation!”


FORTY DAYS FOR LIFE: March 6-April 14 is a time for prayer, fasting, and protecting the unborn. We all are strongly encouraged to join our parish Pro-Life prayer warriors and pray Rosaries near our parish-assigned Planned Parenthood.  Into five days, 31 babies have been saved from abortion, through our prayers (a few are Memphis, Greely, Colorado,  Plattsburg, NY ).   Aid to Women Center, Tempe,AZ, has a chapel with Blessed Sacrament exposed every Saturday for those who choose to pray Rosaries.    

RADIO FAMILY ROSARY BENEFIT DINNER:   April 6, 4:30pm Mini-retreat/rosary, catered dinner, $23, St. Paul’s, 330 W. Coral Gables Dr., Phoenix.  Fr. James Kubicki, SJ, Former National Director of Apostleship of Prayer, keynote speaker, daily guest on Relevant Radio, frequent guest on Radio Family Rosary, Author and retreat master is an amazing speaker who shares his insights.  His words will inspire you to pursue the path to holiness.

SCHOENSTATT PILGRIM MOTHER NATIONAL ANNUAL CONVENTION 2019:  “Our Covenant for the Church!”  June 27 – 30, 2019  Sister Isabel sent registration forms with details.  We’d sure like to have a terrific attendance from AZ!

ARIZONA 44th ROSARY CELEBRATION:  October 20, 2019, one of  the largest attended events in our country; honoring Our Lady under her title OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE,  mark your calendars.  Plan to procession with our Schoenstatt families and pray together, very powerful!  Please remind your family and friends.


United Always in Our Mother Thrice Admirable and her loving son, 

Sally (480-945-6190)

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