Schoenstatt AZ Mothers’ Group Meets Thurs, July 25, 2019

Father Eye visited Sally’s Home Shrine, Mother of Good Counsel

Sr.M.Deanne Niehaus sent a message!

If you missed it, here is a message for our Mothers’ Groups sent from Sr. M. Deanne Niehaus last month from her stay in Wisconsin at the Founder’s Shrine.

July Mothers’ Group – THIS Thursday

Please join us for our next meeting THIS Thursday, July 25, at 9:45 am at Sally’s Home Shrine, “Mother of Good Counsel”. We’ll read and discuss “Part 5, Daring Faith in Divine Providence” after Rosary and conversation. Anyone interested is invited to come and bring a small, healthy snack to share. Contact Sally for directions or questions.

For these readings and future readings you can print from these links, the Moto site, or get them at the meeting. For previous readings on this year’s Schoenstatt Moto from the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary in Wisconsin, click on this link and choose the Part (1-9) you need. From there, you can print, or read from the computer.

June 27 – Meeting Summary

We met June 27, (feasts of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Deacon John Pozzobon’s celebration of new life) in Barb G’s home shrine, “Our Mother of Confidence.”

  • We prayed “The Rosary for Priests” before fellowship /food time.
  • The group discussed Part 4 of motto “Like Father, dare to offer ourselves for the Church”, from the book “Childlikeness Before God”, then we read/discussed/answered the thought questions.
  • We sent notes and birthday card to Melissa and D., whom we miss dearly. 
  • Everyone closed the meeting with our Covenant Prayer and picked a Fr Kentenich card.
  • All agreed to take the quote home and meditate on it til we meet again.

Fr Kentenich  definitely had his ear to the heart of God the Father,  and hand on the pulse of time, as we learned from his theme of the heavenly Father’s very special Providence for everyone of us.  Fr. Kentenich showed us how the Father’s heroic yes was given in the offering of his son for our redemption.

Keep In Mind – Historical Dates

Our founder, Father Joseph Kentenich was ordained July 8, 1910, in the house chapel of the Limburg Mission House.

Two days later on July 10, 1910, Fr.Kententich celebrated his first Mass in the same place. Perhaps, as we attend Mass, July 8, we’ll think of Fr. Kentenich and thank him for all his generosity, and ask our HEAVENLY FATHER to “quicken”  his canonization.

—-United always in our MTA and our covenant,  Sally

Upcoming Events

August 23-25

AZ Marian Conference : Be Courageous, Defend the Truth

DoubleTree Paradise Valley Resort 
5401 N. Scottsdale Rd. 
Scottsdale, Arizona 85250

October 20

AZ Rosary Celebration

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