Hello from Sr. M. Deanne Niehaus

Greetings to Schoenstatt Mothers from WI

June 2019

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Impulse – June 18 2019

Greetings from Sr.M.Deanne Niehaus

Dear Schoenstatt Mothers,

Many Covenant Day greetings to you for June 18th! I am helping with the Finding My Inner Balance workshops here in Madison, Wisconsin and during the day of the 18th, there is adoration in the Founder Shrine. We could spend time with our Lord and with our MTA as we ask them to help us find our inner balance through the graces from our Schoenstatt Shrine.

Aiming at 2020: This summer we are having a series of leaders meetings in the different states as we begin to see where divine providence is leading us for 2020. Next year we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of women in Schoenstatt and the 80th anniversary of the Schoenstatt Mothers League with their beautiful symbol of the Living Monstrance.

Living Monstrance article from Brazil in 2014. You might find this article (though it was five years ago) expresses the international connection of the Mothers League to the Living Monstrance ideal. Go to the link: https://www.schoenstatt.org/en/covenant/2014/06/the-gift-of-the-mothers-branch-for-the-original-shrine/

We unite as Living Monstrance in the shrine as we “bear Christ, bring Christ, and serve Christ” in our families and with all we meet during this summer time.

In Gratitude,

Sr. M. Deanne Niehaus

Schoenstatt Mothers League – WI & IL

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