Schoenstatt-AZ Mothers : July Meeting Recap

At July’s meeting, with Margret and Giana, we began our visit with a Rosary for priests before our fellowship time. After a lovely period of reacquaintance, we read and discussed Part 5 of our motto study. Giana, our young teenager, contributed a whole lot to our discussion, a real joy.

“That daring interior attitude is the ability to muster a maximum of love and humility when given minimum of natural and supernatural insight.”

Father Joseph Kentenich

Our delightful meeting ended with the Covenant prayer in Sally’s home shrine, Mother of Good Counsel, and each of us reading a special quote from Fr. Kentenich.


 Pray daily for all our Schoenstatt fathers. 
We'll continue prayers for all of your intentions, especially:
- Kathy's comfort, surgery, and recovery
- Kurt's continued healing
- Melissa's niece in Ecuador who is undergoing surgery on her kidney


August 29

  • Please join us for our next meeting THIS Thursday, at 9:45 am at Barb’s Home Shrine, “Mother of Confidence”.
  • We’ll read and discuss “Part 6 & 7, Daring Faith in Divine Providence” after Rosary and conversation.
  • Anyone interested is invited to come and bring a small, healthy snack to share. Contact Sally for directions or questions. , 480-945-6190

For these readings and future readings you can print from these links, the motto site, or get them at the meeting. For previous readings on this year’s Schoenstatt motto from the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary in Wisconsin, click on this link and choose the Part (1-9) you need. From there, you can print, or read from the computer.

October 20

Arizona Rosary Celebration – Let’s represent Schoenstatt Arizona for the Diocese of Phoenix!

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