Greetings from Schoenstatt Father Patricio Rodriguez

Greeting from Fr. Patricio Rodriguez                     July 2018

Dear Schoenstatt family and friends,

These days we will celebrate our Nation’s independence. It is an opportunity to entrust to the Lord and our Blessed Mother the future, mission and challenges of our life as country and Church. America is built on the principles of life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Fr. Kentenich, the founder of Schoenstatt, unites the value of exterior freedom, to the inner freedom of every human person. That freedom, that we want to give as a gift to the world, comes from a strong, deep and faithful spiritual life. All of this we can find in the life of Mary, our Mother and Queen. As Fr. Kentenich writes in Heavenwards, our Schoenstatt prayer book, “let us walk through life entirely like you, strong and noble, simple and kind, spreading love and peace and joy. Let’s stop by the Shrine and pray for our country. Blessed Mother, “nothing without you, nothing without us!”

United in Christ and his Blessed Mother,

Fr. Patricio Rodriguez
Movement Director and Rector of the Shrine

Schoenstatt Fathers' Retreat Summer 2018

Schoenstatt Fathers from the US and Mexico gathered for a retreat in June and send many blessings and greetings to all the Schoenstatt Family in Texas from Mexico. Let us remember all the Schoenstatt Fathers in our prayers of gratitude
for all of their dedication and service.


Schoenstatt AZ Meeting : Friday, July 13, 2018

Dear AZ Schoenstatt Family,

Happy Fourth of July!  I hope you had a blessed, fun and safe holiday!!

And, I also hope you’re still treasuring/relishing the memories of the Deacon John Pozzobon Mass we had with Fr. Alvin at Thelma’s on July 27. I want to thank each one of you who did your fair share in preparing for our Deacon John Mass. We all had a part in it and everything came together, with Our Mother Thrice Admirable and her loving son, to make a beautifully grace-filled day.

Our next Schoenstatt Meeting will be Friday, July 13, 945am sharp at Kathy’s home shrine. (Call Sally for address. )


  • Rosary 9:45am
  • Healthy Snacks Potluck
  • Sharing and fellowship
  • Discuss Motto Book, “ONE IN THE FATHER’s HEART”

After we pray the rosary, we’ll eat, share the graces we feel we received from Deacon John Mass, and have some fellowship.  Wait’ll you hear the miracle that happened to me when I got home late afternoon!

Then, we’ll continue our motto booklet, “ONE IN THE FATHER’s HEART”, pages 26 through 41 . We are reading on our own and will discuss the questions at our mtg.

GOD BLESS AMERICA, land that we love!

Sally 4809456190



Schoenstatt AZ HomeShrine Mass Wed-June27-11am Dcn. Pozzobon & SRC Re-Commissioning

Dear Families of Schoenstatt AZ, 

 I hope you’re all praying for the graces and success of Wed., June 27, 11am  Mass in Thelma’s home shrine “Our Lady of Love, Peace and Joy”.

If you are a  Schoenstatt missionary , please bring your Pilgrim Mother, as we’ll be recommissioned.

  • Our Mass and SRC ceremonies will be led by Fr. Alvin Cayetona, SOLT, Parochial Vicar from St. Joseph’s Mission, Mayer AZ.
  • Margret and her girls having been working diligently on the music for the Mass and the Mass Program.
  • Alma will read the FIRST READING and  RESPONSORIAL  PSALM.
  • Amy will prepare the PRAYERS OF THE FAITHFUL.
  • Alma will bring our beloved Auxiliary Mother Thrice Admirable and our Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign banner.
  • I’ll bring Deacon John Pozzobon vinyl banner and framed picture of Fr. Kentenich.
  • POTLUCK will follow Mass, please bring a dish to pass, or dessert for our fellowship.

All are invited to bring flowers for Our Mother, as you wish!!


It’s going to be a very special Mass for Deacon John  and he always brought flowers for processions or special occasions or just his visits to the Schoenstatt shrine in Santa Maria, Brazil.

It would be very generous if someone can pick up three of our ladies as they all live in Sun City area. Please call Maria or Marguarite -via Sally if you’re able to bring them to this special Mass as they are all “matured” Schoenstatt women who don’t drive much.

“Mother with your loving son, bless us each and everyone!!”


Many Blessings on this feast day of St. John the Baptist.


(4809456190 or cell 2627582278)

Schoenstatt AZ May Meeting Invitation

This picture above is from APril 12, 1894 when Fr. Kentenich’s mom, Katharina took him as her 8 yr old son, and his belongings to the orphanage in Oberhausen Germany.  Before leaving him there, she took him to the chapel there, where she knelt with him before this statue, of Mary, Sts Dominic and Catherine of Sienna.  His mom took the only precious item she owned, her first Communion medal, hung it around Mary’s neck.  She then consecrated her only child to the Blessed Mother and entrusted him to her care, praying, “Educate my child! Be entirely his Mother! Fulfill for me my duties as mother!”

Greetings Dear AZ Schoenstatt Family,

Schoenstatt AZ May Meeting

Just a gentle reminder that we will have our May meeting at Sally’s home shrine, on May 17, 9:45am sharp. 

Our agenda:

  1. pray the Rosary
  2. have some fellowship and snacks
  3. education – One in the Father’s Heart: Omnibus Omnia
We will continue, as our group special resolution, to pray daily, the Father Kentenich Prayer.
Our homework is to prepare to answer the 3 questions, on page 15 and to read, on our own,  pages 16-25, and discuss questions on page 25.
We will meet May 17, 9:45am sharp, at Sally’s home shrine “Mother of Good Counsel”.  Mary Lou and Dee (our mature Schoenstatt moms) may be joining us.  Healthy snacks welcome.  Do not fret if you don’t have the motto booklet from Sr. Marie Day, as we’ll share.


Schoenstatt Mass June 27

Fr. John, the pastor at Sts Joachim & Anne, will celebrate a home Mass in Thelma’s  home shrine, “Our Lady of Love, Peace and Joy,”  June 27, 2018, 11am (address soon).

We’ll celebrate Schoenstatt Deacon John Pozzobon’s feast and celebration of New Life back in 1985. 

Also, Father will recommission us as missionaries of Pilgrim Mothers, and renew our COVENANT OF LOVE together.


More details forthcoming. See you at Sally’s home, May 17, 9:45 am sharp and we’ll begin straightaway with the rosary. Call Sally for addresses or questions.

May Blossoms and Joy,  Sally (480-945-6190)


May Newsletter from Schoenstatt Austin


May  2018             Message from Schoenstatt Austin

Greeting from Fr. Patricio Rodriguez,                     Movement Director, Rector of the Austin Shrine

Dear Schoenstatt family and friends,

      We begin a new month, May, the month of Mary, our Blessed Mother and Queen! It is especially significant for us in the Schoenstatt Movement, who have been blessed with a strong Marian spirituality that we want to share with the world.

     During this special month we also remember our five vocations in the novitiate Continue reading “May Newsletter from Schoenstatt Austin”

Schoenstatt AZ Meet Thurs,April 19, 9:30am, “Mother of Confidence” home shrine

Dear AZ Schoenstatt Family, “Mother with your loving son, bless us each and everyone!!”

Note from Sally:     Greetings Dear AZ Schoenstatt Family,

Please read info below re. our mtg April 19.  I thought I’d share these insights on the symbol of Father Kentenich’s  “The wood carved Pelican,” which was above the main altar of Holy Cross Church, Milwaukee, WI.   Father offered many Masses there (The Pelican is the symbol of Holy Eucharist). “In the five little ones we may see the five continents of the world.”

Father Kentenich said, “Yes, it is indeed true that the pelican who has held a place of honor in my room for so long….always was to me an example, and ideal, and a symbol”  

Also, he said, “Observe how the big pelican completely gives himself to his little ones and how the little ones trustingly surrender to him.  What a beautiful thing to behold!  May this fact become quite self-understood to you also!”

Pelican wood FrKententich WI
Wood-carved Pelican, Schoenstatt, WI. Father Kentenich said, “Observe how the big pelican completely gives himself to his little ones and how the little ones trustingly surrender to him. What a beautiful thing to behold! May this fact become quite self-understood to you also!”

Barb has graciously opened her home shrine MOTHER OF CONFIDENCE, to us all THIS Thursday, April 19. Rosary will begin at 9:45 sharp.   All are welcome!  (call Sally 4809456190 for address)


  1. Rosary – starting at 9:45
  2. Fellowship and “business” with healthy snacks (all are invited to share)
  3. book study

The booklets Sister Marie Day sent for us to study are on our motto this year, in preparation for celebrating  our dear Father Kentenich’s 50th anniversary of death, Sept 15, 2018. Sally will have them available at the meeting for $3 for whomever wants to study with us.  We truly love our founder and pray for his canonization, as he is a saint in waiting!

Please let Sally know that you’ve received this, and if you’ll make our mtg.

Planning – May

We’ll also discuss our group meeting at Thelma’s home shrine in May and the possibility of Fr. Ebbesmier celebrating MASS there!

Fr. Ebbesmier is a diocesan Schoenstatt Father, from St. Joachim and St. Anne Parish in Sun City, who made his Covenant of LOVE a few years ago in Jeanne’s home shrine. He’s very loving parish priest and said he’d celebrate Mass with us when we asked him. 

I truly look forward to quality time with each of you. 

Good night and JOY be to you all!



The Dating Project Movie – ONE NIGHT ONLY – April 17


The film will release on April 17, 2018
Dear Friends of Family Theater Productions,

We want to announce a new project!

As we are serving families, we are always examining the many challenges they face to better help them overcome obstacles to enhancing their family’s spirituality.  Recently, however, we found an even greater obstacle to the family in society, the basic formation of the family.  We have partnered with Paulist Productions and Mpower Pictures on a documentary called, THE DATING PROJECT.  This film is a powerful snapshot into the fractured culture of young adults yearning for human connection and authentic relationship.

It follows five single people ages 18-40 as they navigate beyond the hookup culture to traditional dating. Professor Kerry Cronin from Boston College is featured throughout as she teaches and encourages her students to return to traditional dating.

What the film uncovers:

  • 50 % of America is single
  • The way people seek and find love has radically changed
  • The trends of hanging out, hooking up, texting, social media, and online porn use have created a dating deficit
  • Dating is now perceived as outdated—yet it’s longed for
  • Beautiful sacramental marriage is the solution
  • The status quo is driving both the divorce culture and the abortion culture

THE DATING PROJECT provides a unique opportunity to expose the root problems that have taken hold of America and bring restoration and hope to single men and women and ultimately rebuild families, the domestic church.  We need to create a strong dating culture to ensure a strong marriage culture.

The film will release on April 17, 2018, for a one-night only theatrical event nationwide and we need your support!

Would you please:

  • Watch the trailer HERE.
  • Consider purchasing a block of tickets at a local cinema and bring a group. (Enter your zip code on the website and find the theaters in your area.)
  • Consider sharing this email with your family, friends and networks!

Yours in Christ,

Father David Guffey, C.S.C.


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